Day One Dollars are the HARDEST to raise.

At First Dollar Deal, we:

Give curated pitch feedback directly from experienced founders, investors, and angels with actionable insights.

Connect you to world-class investors who receive pitches just like yours in their inbox each week.

Grow with you by looking at your pitch as many times as it takes to get you funded.

Here's how it works:

  1. Founders submit their pitch.
  2. We route your submission to two evaluators with the First Dollar Deal network.
  3. Both evaluators independently review, rate, and comment on aspects such as team and traction.
  4. Each evaluator gives a "thumbs up" or "thumbs down" on the pitch
  5. If the evaluators are split, we send your pitch to a third evaluator to break the tie.
  6. We send you the feedback from the evaluators which you can use to refine your pitch as you see fit.
  7. If your pitch gets two thumbs up, we send the pitch to investors who have signed on our platform.
  8. If an investor likes your pitch, they request an intro.
  9. If your pitch fails to obtain two thumbs up, you can re-apply for another round of evaluations after 30 days.

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