Curate Dealflow, Not Access.

Curate Pitches. Not Access.

Curate Founders. Not Intros.

Curate Systems. Not Barriers.

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  • Get honest pitch feedback
  • Get direct introductions to investors
  • No fee, no rake, no cost

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  • Give back without writing a check
  • Anonymously evaluate and rate pitches
  • Help founders succeed regardless of their pedigree

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  • Get dealflow outside your networks
  • Get direct access to vetted founders
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Founders: Raise your first dollars.

Here's what you can expect from the First Dollar Deal:

  • We will never charge you for submission or for access.
  • We will never mediate between you and an investor who wants to engage.
  • We will always be as timely as possible with evaluations.
  • We will always manage your data with humility and responsibility.
  • We will never profit from your data.

Evaluators: Pay it forward.

Each of us can think of someone who gave us our shot. Be that person for founders who don't have a network or access to investors.

  • Evaluate, rate, and comment on pitches (~30 minutes per pitch).
  • We can facilitate more direct mentorship opportunities if you find a founder or pitch that resonates with you.
  • Introduce investors looking for dealflow to First Dollar Deal.
  • Pay it forward without writing a check

Investors: dealflow outside your networks.

Stop curating access. Get curated dealflow outside your network.

What you can expect:

  • A weekly email with startups that have passed our evaluation process, including feedback from our crowd-sourced team of evaluators.
  • Founders looking for their first $25k-$250k checks.
  • Global network of startups looking for access.
  • Direct access and intros to founders you are interested in.
  • No SPAM